The Ultimate Big Day on Film
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Capture Every Moment.
Our deluxe package, which includes 3 separately edited versions, and offers exceptional coverage of your big day. Beautifully captured in its entirety including 4 cameras, glidetrack, cinematic camera crane and slow motion camera, combined with a luxurious set of features, to provide a truly breathtaking, cinematic experience.

The Ultimate Big Day on Film
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Videography Equipment
4 x High Definition Cameras Heart
2 x Experienced Camera Operators
Professional Audio Kit
Additional Glidetrack, Cinematic Camera Crane and Slow Motion Camera
We discreetly film a selection of shots using a professional glidetrack, cinematic camera crane and slow motion camera, capturing the stunning beauty of the surrounding details of your Big Day, for a truly spectacular cinematic finish.

Video Content  
Filming for 15 hours (30 hours with 2 videographers) Heart
We film any part of your day you wish us to, for example, starting at 9am and finishing at midnight and covering:
Bride's Preparations
We film around 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony e.g Bride having make-up/hair prepared and the general building of the atmosphere of the day
Groom's Preparations (if at same venue as Bride)
Where possible, we film around 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony e.g Groom getting ready and the general building of the atmosphere of the day
Guests' Arrival
We film your friends and family as they arrive at the ceremony. Filming starts 1 hour prior to the ceremony.
The Full Ceremony
We film the ceremony in full, including any exterior shots of the venue.
We film everyone leaving the ceremony and having their photos taken
Reception Montage
We descreetly film everyone at the reception and edit this into a montage set to music.
Bride and Groom's Entrance
We film the formal 'clapping in' of the Bride and Groom
We film the speeches in full
Cutting the Cake
We film the cutting of the cake and any other little details you may have missed on the day
First Dance
We film the first dance in full
The Party
We film your friends and family enjoying the evening's party atmosphere. Don't forget that most couples invite different guests to the evening party!
The Video Diary Heart
We record a wealth of personal messages from your family and friends on film.

Main feature
Your wedding video is carefully crafted together with music of your choice at key moments, for an unforgettable finish you will want to share with all your friends.
  • 12 days editing Heart
  • Multi-camera angle editing
    We will edit key sections of the film together from multiple camera angles to give a greater perspective of the day.
  • Commercial music tracks
    You can choose your own music to accompany your final wedding video.
  • Additional theme music
    Where appropriate, we use additional music to accompany your video, to capture every emotion of your big day.
Video Highlights
We creatively edit together a short version of the highlights of the big day (approx 3-5 mins), ideal for showing your friends a 'snapshot' of your big day, without watching the entire film. We will also provide this as an online version so you can share it with your friends and family. (For both copyright and creative reasons we will carefully select appropriate background music to accompany your highlights version from either our selection of non-commercial stock music or music you have pre-selected for your main feature).
Short-form Version Heart
We use a selection of audio gathered throughout the day (i.e. from the ceremony and speeches) to create a unique film which tells the story of your day (approx 15-20 mins).

Final Product
10 x DVDs in Presentation Cases Heart
Each copy will include your main feature, highlights and short-form versions.
5 x High Definition Blu-Rays in Cases Heart
Each copy will feature your main feature, highlights and short-form versions.
High Definition Computer Version
We provide you with a High Definition, digital version of your main feature, highlights, and short-form versions. Ideal for watching on your home computer, or for simply keeping as a digital backup of your film.
iPhone or iPad version
We provide your wedding video highlights also in an iPhone or iPad version, so you can watch your wedding highlights wherever you are.

Equipment & Crew
Extra filming time
This package is for a maximum of 15 hours filming. Time above 15 hours can be booked at £100 per hour.
Prices shown are guides only and your quotation may be different depending on your requirements. Prices shown are subject to change without notice.