Technology vs. Experience
Industry-standard editing software, high-end computer processing power and Master Videographer expertise, provide the ultimate combination of tools and techniques to deliver the finest standard in broadcast quality video production.

Most computers these days come supplied with some form of editing software. Many of them have a variety of features and are not bad for producing a home video to impress your friends. However, when it comes to capturing something important such as your wedding day, most couples reconsider how important their video will be to them, not just on the day but in the future too.
ourBigDayonFilm use broadcast quality production technology, with industry standard post-production tools, so that you can keep your memories in broadcast quality, forever.
Owning and using a great software package will never make a video look like a professional production all on its own. It is a combination of cameras, techniques and expertise that make the production broadcast quality. That's why every film is professionally crafted together by an accredited Master of the Institute of Videography.

For more information about the IOV and why you should use an IOV accredited Master then click here.